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For the longevity of your fine jewelry, follow these essential guidelines:

  1. Remove Before Certain Activities: Always take off your jewelry before showering, swimming, applying creams, or during activities that could bend your rings.
  2. Travel Smart: When traveling, avoid storing different jewelry pieces together to prevent scratches and damage.
  3. Pearl Item Care: If you have jewelry with pearls, refrain from exposing them to water and direct perfumes.
  4. Nighttime Care: It's advisable not to wear your jewelry to bed to prevent damage.
  5. Special Caution for Emerald Rings: If you own a green emerald ring from us, be extra cautious as emeralds are prone to chipping. Avoid ultrasonic cleaners.
  6. Home Cleaning: Take a cup of hot water, few drops of dish soap and let it sit for 10 min. Then take a soft toothbrush and gently scrub to remove excess film/dirt and rinse.

Remember, Sabellah Jewelry is not responsible for jewelry maintenance, so following these guidelines is crucial for preserving your pieces.